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Our intro CFO service package.  Designed for small companies with simple operations using QuickBooks Online.



  1. Monthly accurate financial statements.
  2. One hour meeting via video call to review finances.



At the time of Sign-Up, Upwind Strategies will:

  • Have an initial consultation meeting with the client to identify their financial processes, map out all accounts, and determine the best practices for managing their finances and obtaining useful financial insights.
  • Create or update client's categories to track revenue, expenses, assets, debts, and equity in the company.
  • Input and categorize client's transactions for their bank account, credit card, and payment apps from the beginning of the current year to date.
  • Make journal entries and enter balance sheet transactions to match the company's books to prior-year tax returns.


On a monthly basis, Upwind Strategies will:

  • Categorized all transactions for the company's bank account, credit card, and payments apps.  Reconcile each of these accounts.
  • Generate a balance sheet and profit and loss statement for the prior month.
  • Have a one-hour meeting with client to review the company's financial performance.


What this package does not include:

  • Employee and / or contractor payment nor compliance.
  • Tax filings and tax matters.  You should always seek the assistance of a licensed CPA to deal with tax matters.

CFO Starter

Price Options
3 months
Subscribe & Save 10%
$495.00every month for 3 months
6 months
Subscribe & Save 20%
$440.00every month for 6 months
  • Not more than:

    • One Company Bank Account
    • One Credit Card
    • Two Payment Platforms
  • In order for effective service, the client company is expected to follow these guidelines:

    • The client must not open additional bank accounts or credit card accounts beyond the limit listed in the "Qualifications" section and must not use personal bank accounts for business transactions.
    • The Upwind Strategies team will be issued a limited-access login to the client's business bank account and credit card account.
    • The client will need to provide PDFs statements for their loans, credit cards, and bank accounts on a timely basis each month.
    • Purchase and maintain an active account with QuickBooks Online.
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